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220 Responses to “Vijay Tv Programs”

  1. RK Says:

    Can u pls updated Vijay TV Serials too. Some of us like me watch SunTV at home but for Vijay TV we have no source. U guys are doing really a great job. Can u guys pls update Kadhalikka neamillai and Kanakanum Nerangal. Thanks

  2. sanji Says:

    Kaadhalikka Neramillai is one of the best serial. can u pls update this everyday. thank u

  3. Sangeetha Says:


    Can u please update kana kanum kalangal season 1 episodes from 1 10 120
    Thanks in advance


  4. Meena Says:

    Can u plz update the kadhalikka neramillai all the episodes

  5. deepak Says:

    Hi can you please upload the kalloori special program in vijay tv(kalloori oru sirappu paarvai:i guess) i think it was on 17th december. I missed that show.

  6. gayathri Says:

    can u pls update idhu oru kadhal kadhai

  7. Monisha Says:

    Can u pls update KKK? Can u pls update KKK form 1 to 50 episodes?
    Thank you !!!

  8. Aruna Says:

    Please upload KKK and kadhalika neramillai……..

  9. venkat Says:

    can u please upload kkk 250

  10. ela Says:

    can u guys pls update KKK from 248
    and kadhalika neramillai from 23
    pls update ASAP

  11. mysihk Says:

    can u please update ithu oru kaadal kathai?

  12. shankari Says:

    could u please update kkk everyday…..this is one of the best school serial….its differ from all the serials. everybody must see this serial….. and laugh a lot ….

  13. sulakshana Says:

    can u send happy birthday to you sneha show

  14. abhishay Says:

    can u please load swamy ayyappan show’s episodes? I hear they are very good & would love to watch it. Thanks.

  15. Sambu Says:

    Please upload Sai Baba serial like other ones

  16. deepthi Says:

    can you update kkk 253 pls, can’t wait

  17. anu Says:

    can you plese uploade jodi no 1 the next

  18. babu Says:

    plz update madurai serial also

  19. Elodie Says:

    Plz update Jodi No.1 Season 3 show !!!!

  20. Sadak Says:

    Hi Guys,
    We dont have access an to Vijay TV Programs and you guys are doing a wonderful job. so, could you please update the latest Lollu Sabha and Neeya Naana programs.

  21. Uma Says:

    Hi, Can u plz update the latest Neeya Naana program? This program is really interesting. Would be very grateful if even all the old Neeya Naana programs are uploaded. Thanks in advance.

  22. theepa Says:

    can you plz update sai baba serial

  23. theepa Says:

    plz update sai baba serial

  24. Elodie Says:

    Plz update Kadhalika Neramillai every day

  25. Good student (France) Says:

    Good morning administration sir;

    why u didn t yet updated the serials sir? any problme? please update as soon as possible sir.

    thanks a lot sir

    we are waiting sir, plz sir.

  26. may Says:


  27. may Says:

    kkk is the bestshow

  28. mapii Says:

    hi can you please upload finals of padum office band …..i ma waiting for this long time


  29. kamal Says:

    please update sai baba serial and title songs and some other songs.
    Please update. It is very useful to me and us.

  30. Elodie Says:

    Can u plz update Vijay Jodi No.1 friday and Saturday episodes and Kadhalikka Neramillai ?????

    Thanks in advance….

  31. deepak Says:

    Hi can you please upload the kalloori special program in vijay tvkalloori oru sirappu paarvai i think it was on 17th december.

  32. ranjit Says:

    Dear uploaders … plz upload madurai, kkk, kadhalika neramilai and jodi no.1.


    for all ur upload

  33. anjli Says:

    can u please upload sai baba serial and title song. eagerly waiting to c baba serial

  34. nivedhana Says:

    i love coffee with anu..pls upload the program which had a special guest jeyaram and his wife. i also love to watch chennai 28 crew again… please upload it…….

  35. Jaya Says:

    Please update on Swamy Ayappan serials. Missing the serials and unable to digest I can’t follow up…. Please, please, please,,,,


  36. kavitha Says:

    can u please update vijay tv’s samayal samayal programm…

  37. Aravind Says:

    Can you please please please please upload sai baba serial from vijay tv .If u do that you will be the first ever website to do this

  38. kavitha Says:


    can you please upload “kaathu karuppu” regularly.. its really a cool one…

    thanks for other programs too…

  39. Radiha Says:

    Thankyou for updated,madurai serial .And please download SURYA, SERIAL.

  40. S.P.Durai Says:

    can you update neeya naana? this programme is very interesting and knowledge

  41. Thenmozhi Says:

    can u please upload “isai kudubam” telecasted on 24th feb on vijay tv. can u update this every weekend.

  42. shaji Says:

    i have question, do u have old serial kalki? if u have pls upload.

  43. Krishnaveni Says:


    Pls update Coffee with Anu and Neeya Naana regularly. Both are “SUPERB PROGRAMS”.

    Also please update the “ISAI KUDUMBAM” EVERY WEEK. Pls do the same immediately as we are very eager to see all these stuffs soon.


  44. Kanmani USA Says:

    Pls update Madurai Serial.We r eagerly waiting to see Meenatchi wedding.

  45. abravinu Says:

    Please upload isai kudumbam, coffee with anu, Eq2, jodi no 1 season 3 regularly. Thanks for ur effort and ur work is amazing, Thank you

  46. Geevis Says:

    guys why isn’t kadhalika nermilai updated for Mar 4?

  47. Rohini Says:

    Thanks a lot 4 ur updates,but pls update madurai serial from ep-96 to 113.i missed to watch. THANKS AGAIN.

  48. Pooja Says:

    Can u upload the new vijay TV program ROSE please!!
    Thanks in advance!!

  49. aarti Says:

    please please upload sai baba serial right from the first episode pllllllsssssssssssssssss

  50. Thenmozhi Says:


    please upload “kadhalika neeramillai” serial episode “44″ and “madurai” episodes “117 and 118″.

    update these serials every day please!!!!!!!

  51. kavi Says:

    plsssss upload madurai 117 & 118 pls

  52. sri Says:

    can u pls update isai kudumbam ,music show which is in vijay tv.pls. As soon as possible pls.Thank u.

  53. aarti Says:

    Can you please please please please upload sai baba serial from vijay tv .If u do that you will be the first ever website to do this

  54. Thenmozhi Says:

    thanks for uploading madurai serial episodes 117 and 118
    please upload kadhalika neeramillai episode 44

    please upload these serials regularly as like kkk serial

    thanks in advance

  55. hes Says:

    please uplod all the episode of jodi n 1

    T he jodi n 1 is the best
    h ow lovely show is 8t
    a ll the jodis are dancing well
    n o elimination
    k ana kannum kalangal star are in their
    s uperbe show

  56. rasika Says:

    can u able to upload samayal samayal program

  57. aarti Says:

    please upload sai baba serial………..please

  58. Thenmozhi Says:

    hi please update madurai serial regularly. episode 121,122and please continue to update all vijaytv serials regularly. pls..pls…

  59. kavitha Says:

    can u please upload vijay tvs samayal samayal programm…

  60. venky Says:

    pls can can u put Kalloori – Oru sirappu paarvai”from vijay tv. videos isai tamil simplys rocks

  61. Subashini Says:

    Can u please upload the new vijay TV program ROSE please.

  62. Dinesh Says:

    can u pls upload ippadiku Rose-vijay tv programme

  63. Suresh Says:

    can u pls update the program in vijay tv ippadikku rose………..

  64. vinu Says:

    please update isai kudumbam vijai’s programme

  65. Indhu (France) Says:

    Can u pls update KanaKannum Kalangal Thursday 13th episode

    Thanks in advance…

  66. Sajee Says:

    Hi! na, can you please update madurai,kadhalika neramilai and Koffe with Anu regularly na…. I feel those are quit standared and good ones…. Can you please…
    Thanks na…

  67. Kamal Says:





  68. reshim Says:

    why are we not able to watch vivek interview on Koffee with anu,
    on 2nd March 08.


  69. tharen Says:

    Can you please upload iyyapan serial ,telecasting in vijay TV.?


  70. Joseph Says:

    Can you add your programme shedule Christian programms in your channels. Thanks

  71. Babu Says:

    Could u pls updates “Isai Kudumbam”……
    Thanx for your Excellent Service…..

  72. asha Says:

    can u pls upload idhu ori kadhal kadhai

  73. aarti Says:

    please upload sai baba serial…….. i will be greatful if u do this…………….

  74. Indhu Says:

    Pls upload Neeya Nanna and Isai Kudumbam


    Thanks in advance

  75. Bala Says:

    Great work!

    Can you include the new Vijay TV program “Tamil Pechu Engal Moochu”…. which is a befitting and a must-watch program for all the Tamils active in this site!

    Thanks in advance!

  76. nivya Says:

    pls upload super singer junior

  77. Nikila Says:

    Pls upload the serial madurai regularly

  78. Chandru Says:

    Hi there,

    I see so many serials listed on the board, but I have yet to see Swami Ayyappan or Sai Baba serial. Please do upload such a show. Thank you in advance.

  79. Thugilaka Says:

    Hi all of you
    I am new for this site. I like this website. Because, I can see any dramas or other programms, anytime in this web in any channels.

  80. Deepa Says:


    Please upload samayal samayal program relayed on Vijay TV every Saturday at 2 PM. This samayal samayal competitive program is very good.

    Thanks in advance

  81. banupriya Says:

    kanakannum kalangal serial is very nice
    i like tat serial very much
    i would like to join in tat serial
    how to join in tat serial?
    in tat serial pandi acting is very nice
    i am watching continously.i like tat program very much

  82. Suganya Says:


    Can you please upload Ayyappan serial?

    Thanks in advance

  83. Subi Says:

    coul you please upload KKK

  84. Subi Says:

    Could anyone tell me why KKK has not yet posted

  85. Keshi Says:

    Please update KKK,Maduria,Kaadhalikka Neramillai.

  86. kkkfan Says:

    thalaiva……….. kkk yen innum upload panala……….. nanga wait panitu irukurom……….. sekiram upload panunga ilaina tel d time wen u r gonna upload tat kkk …plz pa…….. sothikathinga…… plz…………..

  87. Aruna Says:

    can u pls upload ippadikku rose show in vijay tv…

  88. jiji Says:

    Hai,isaiprian anna,

    you are doing good job.We are appreciating!!!!

    can u pls upload ippadikku rose show in vijay tv…

  89. gita Says:

    pleas update kadhalika neramillai regularly

  90. jiji Says:


    anna past episodes kalaka povadhu yaru programmuku sound varala.pls check the sound system.

  91. jiji Says:


    anna past episodes kalaka povadhu yaru programmuku sound varala.pls check the sound system.

  92. shark Says:


    Can you please upload the saibaba episodes. Thanks in advance

  93. dhivya Says:

    pl upload saibaba serial

  94. moorthi Says:

    hai, thanks for vijay tv progarms view thank you so much for you

  95. jiji Says:


    hey ennapa enna achu,are you there,pls upload friday serials Thirumathi selvam sereial.

  96. shivani Says:

    pls update kkk
    waiting for the last one hour

  97. KNI.... Says:

    Hi admin, could you please update KNI episode 63 asap….ur help much appreciated….

  98. girija Says:

    can isai add swaamiyae aippan

    really its good one i will be happy if isai does it

  99. jiji Says:


    pls upload 7-4-08 mornig serials.Thirumathi selvam.why you forgot these.thanks in advance.

  100. kumar Says:

    Please upload Thirumathi selvam & Anjali
    waiting to watch from the morning



  101. kalps Says:

    Hey guys cd u plz upload the latest program on Vijay TV …Ippadikku Rose…

  102. Indhu Says:

    Can u plz update Vijay Jodi N°1 11/04/08 and 12/04/08 episodes plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Thanks in advance

  103. Sajee Says:

    Please Kofe with anu AR Rahman special program, please get it fast please… I even couldnt wait to see it.. thanks na.

  104. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin,

    R you there listening to us?

    Many of us eager to see Sai Baba serial and Swami Iyaappan serials uploaded as we could not watch it in live.

    Please help us by uploading it here.

    We would be very grateful to you admin !!!!

    I wish you all Tamil Puthaandu Nalvalthukkal

  105. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin,

    R you there listening to us?

    Many of us eager to see Sai Baba serial and Swami Iyaappan serials uploaded as we could not watch it in live.

    Please help us by uploading it here.

    We would be very grateful to you admin !!!!

    I wish you all Tamil Puthaandu Nalvalthukkal

  106. isai Says:

    hello shan we will start to upload saibaba and swami iyappan serial from tomorrow. hope u people r happy now.

  107. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Thank you very much on behalf of all of us.

  108. Uma Says:

    Hi, Please upload “SAI BABA ” serial.Very much devoted to the serial.

  109. Priya Says:

    Hi… Can u pls upload the SAI BABA serial…

    thanks in advance!!

  110. VJ Says:

    Hi Admin,

    thank u very much for uploading Vijay TV programs which are very good. I miss madurai serial so much (today’s episode – 141). Could you please update ?

    Thanks again,

  111. Gokuldas Says:

    Swami Ayyapan


    Could you please upload swamy ayyapan serial regularly. Please……………

  112. AnithaSenthilKumar Says:


    We are here missing the Sai Baba Serial. I never missed that serial in India. Plese upload that serial to watch

    Thanking you

  113. karthick Says:

    this is karthick frm New Zealand, really u guys r doin wonderful job especially broadcast kkk. i’ve been a great fan of kkk. when i came here i taught that i missed out kkk serial because of u guys i’m watching everyday without missing 1 episode so my sincere thanks and please continue ur job without any problems.

  114. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin team,

    Thanks again for the uploading of Swami Iyappan serial.

    But we are still waiting for the Sai Baba serial as promised by Isaitamil Admin team.

    Pls do upload it.

    Thank you

  115. Sajee Says:

    Can you please upload the “Ippadiku ROSE” show from Vijay TV. I thing it is a nice program and usefull to every one.

  116. shaha Says:

    pls update kkk
    waiting plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  117. divya Says:

    hello the programs u are loading is good,but still there is one disappointment.if u can plz upload saibaba from vijay tv it will be really helpful.thanks in advance.

  118. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin Team,

    Thanks a lot for uploading Sai Baba.
    Dear friends,
    There is no short cut for Sai Baba serial at the mainpage , this is the shortcut for last week’s Sai Baba serial


  119. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin Team,

    Thanks a lot for uploading Sai Baba serial

    Dear Friends,

    This is the shortcut for the Sai Baba Serial on 18th April

    Currently there is no shortcut leading to Sai Baba serial on the main page


  120. Vijay fan Says:

    Hi,Please try uplaoding ipadiku rose a wonderful talk show that brings out lot of things happening in this world which most of us dont know.It would be greatly appreciated if u people take efforts to upload it and bring those issues to light.

    Thanking you in advance.

  121. Priya Says:

    thank you sooo much for the sai baba serial :-)

  122. aysha Says:


  123. Kanmani Says:

    Thank you for the KKK serial. Please update madurai,Kaadhalikka Neramillai.


  124. AnithaSenthilKumar Says:


    Thanks a lot for updating SaiBaba Serial. Please update this as continously.

  125. shanthini Says:

    can you plz upload koffee with anu tamil new year episode

  126. priya Says:

    Can you please post the Ipadiku Rose from Vijay TV program please

  127. dhanalakshmi Says:

    please update saibaba serial

  128. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Pls update Sai Baba serial, we are waiting since 18th April of last upload and missed out last two week’s episodes.

    Pls do upload Sai Baba serial this coming Friday.

    We look forward to your posting, Admin.

    Thank you

  129. Ara Says:

    Dear Admin Team,

    Thanks a lot for uploading vijay tv Programmes
    Can you please post the Ipadiku Rose, Tamil Peathchu Engal, Muthchu, Kalakka povathu Yaru 4, Vijay Awards, Isaikudumpam & mathan’s thrai parvai from vijay tv in ragular bases.

    We look forward to your posting, Admin.

    Thank you


  130. AnithaSenthilKumar Says:


    Y there is no updation in SaiBaba Serial. We are expecting the continous updation as day by day and getting disappointment. Please update regulary the saibaba serial.

    Thanking you

  131. Karthick Says:

    Hi can you please update ‘REEL PATHI REAL PATHI’ Program from Vijay TV.

  132. sugi Says:

    Thanks again for the wonderful job you guys have been doing. I have a small request. Is there any way you would be able to update saibaba and swami iyappa serial from the beginning. There are still people who love to watch religious programs in this world. Thank you for giving this opportunity for those people around the world. Once again I am from Srilanka. We left the country and living somewhere where it is hard to practice our religion or culture because of the civil warin Srilanka. Our children are growing without knowing anything. Thank you for the Thiruvilayadal. I make sure my children watch Thiruvilayadal every day. I like them watching swami iyappa and saibaba too, but it is not from the start. This is the only opportunity I can teach something about our religion and culture. No othe religion or culture have decipline like our religion and culture. My kindly request whether you can update those to from the start and the rest of the episodes. I am looking forward to some other religious program updates too if you can. Thank you very much again for this wonderful job.

  133. isai Says:

    hello sugi, it is not possible to get the saibaba and swami iyyapan episodes from beginning, but if they telecast those episodes again we can record and post it here. the other religious programs u can watch here r ramayanam serial, sakthikodu telecast on sundays.

  134. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Pls upload Sai Baba serial,

    we have been missing past two

    weeks serial.

    Day by day we are opening this webpage hoping that you will update this serial.

    Pls pls pls do so….


  135. Senthil Says:

    plesae uplode latest Neeya Naana

  136. Vidya Says:

    Please upload Jodi no 1 ( 31/5/08) – Finals soon

  137. AnithaSenthilKumar Says:


    Y there is no updation of SaiBaba Serial. Moreover u r not updating as orderly.

    Please update Baba serial as properly.

  138. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Pls update Sai Baba serial on 30th May and today 6th June.

    Thank you


  139. Siddhart Says:


    We are sincerely watching SAIBABA serial.PLEASE,PLEASE update the serial properly.

    Please do it without fail..Waiting for your update.


  140. ROOPINI Says:

    hai ilike KKK THIS SERIAL MY FAVOURITE I LIKE BALA THIS SERIAL SO MUCH…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..,

  141. Frannie Says:

    Dear Admin, can Kadhalika Neramillai be upload asap?
    im really waiting for eps 93 onwards.

  142. Shan5063 Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Everyday we are opening Sai Baba serial page eagerly to see any updates but in vain.

    Pls,pls,pls upload Sai Baba regularly as many of us could not see the live tv.

    Thank you

  143. suba Says:

    hi u can upload the neya naan programes

  144. navin Says:

    hi plz upload kadhalikka neeramillai serial plz

  145. archana Says:

    can u please upload more programs from vijay tv like rose and so on …. thnk u

  146. Anitha Says:

    Can you please upload Samayal samayal?

  147. AnithaSenthilKumar Says:

    Why there is no updation in SaiBaba Serial. Please update saibaba serial atleast from the month of april’2008.

  148. vaji Says:

    can u ples update madurai drama.

  149. Benedict Joshua Says:

    Please can update kavyanjali drama

  150. shanthini Says:

    can you plz upload super singer 2008?

  151. vst Says:

    pls update isai kudumbam from episode 1

    pls pls pls

  152. kutty Says:

    hello, can u please update kana kanum kalangal 334, and in episode 336 some dialogues was cut. please can u update asap….

    Thank you

  153. baby baba Says:


    if possible can u upload danush and nayantara’s appearance on kofee with anu ?

  154. kutty Says:

    Thank you

  155. Semma Says:

    Dear IsaiTamil
    It is a great job.Salutations. Recently i hear about Sadhguru program in Vijay TV.Can you please upload it too. If already existing where to locate.

  156. Vani Says:

    Dear Isai Tamil…u guys are doing great job….Plz update kadhalika neramillai serial from 94-114…i unable to watch…..tq

  157. Kalps Says:

    Hey could you please upload Simran Vannathu Poochi serials?

  158. jayalakshmi Says:

    can u pl upload the programme bhakti.

  159. Srinivasan Says:

    Why Swami Iyyappan and Sai Baba serials are not updated daily. I could not view Swami Iyyappan after 7thJuly. Subsequent telecast not available. Will u able to give the details

  160. Madhan Says:

    Hi All,
    Can u pls upload the KKK and Kadalika Neramillai serial episodes regularly.
    Thanks in advance

  161. Krithka Says:

    I came to see Kana Kannum Kalangal only after knowing that Kiran and Priya are acting in it .Can you pl download all only their rounds in Vijay Jodi NO.1,2008.

    Thanks in Advance!

  162. dharshini Says:

    hai.. please update the new season of jodi no. 1, please…………………..

  163. sridevi Says:

    can u plz upload saibaba serial ? we r eagerly waiting .thanx

  164. geetha Says:

    Can you please upload ‘Super singer 2008′?
    Thanks a lot in advance!

  165. Raghu Says:

    Can you pls let me know what is the link for “Koffee With Anu” a special interview with Dhanush and Nayanthara pls..

    I think it was telecasted on some auspicious day.. But Forgot.. So pls..

  166. Raghu Says:

    And I Need The Lollu sabha’s spoof on “Pokkirri” pls..

    Thanks in advance for both..


  167. Ajit Says:

    Can u please upload the neeya naana episode dated 03/08/2008…

    It’s a humble request

  168. Aruna Says:

    could u please upload the neena nana episode dated 24/08/2008…

  169. kugaananth Says:

    could u please update airtel super singer 2008

  170. kavita Says:

    plz update kana kalangal very often.thanks

  171. Abdul majeeth Says:

    hi guys really you guys are doing a great job for tamil community around the world. i would like to request you guys to post the Ramzan special programs which will be telecasted from today in almost all the tamil channels like jaya, vijay,win tv.Especially Win tv program. I hope you guys would fulfill my request. thanks

  172. isai Says:

    dear abdul we will update those programs from today.

  173. Madhan Says:

    Hi guys,
    i would like to thank u for ur great job. can u pls update the super singer 2008. atleast from current week.

  174. Mathy Says:

    Hi Guys,
    It would be really great if u can update us ‘Airtel Super Singer 2008′ one of the best program of Vijay TV. Thanks for updating our other fav programs like Jodi No 1, Neeyaa Naana…..

  175. isaitamil fan Says:

    Hi Isai

    Is it possible to upload Rose program of Vijay TV? Thanks

  176. om prakash Says:

    Is it possible to upload Rose program on 12/09/08 of Vijay TV? Thanks

  177. Sharada.S Says:

    Can you please upload madurai, Kathalikka neramillai and KKK
    Thank you.

  178. Alagu Says:

    Is it possible to upload Rose program on 12/09/08 of Vijay TV? Thanks

  179. vinoth Says:

    can u pls upload Athanaikkum Aasaipadu – Vijay TV program

  180. radhika Says:

    can you please update the airtle super singer 2008 which is one of the vijay tv’s great program

  181. radhika Says:

    can you pls update neeya nana.it is a wonderful program.

  182. Alice Says:


    The website is fantastically great.

    Can you upload and update thik thik thik Vijay TV serial?


  183. S.S.KUMAR Says:

    I want to see TAMIL PECHU ENGAL MOOCHU (very good tamil t.v. show) throgh this internet, pl post and arrange for viewing through this same internet. reply me.




  184. senthi Says:

    hi audio is not available so can u take required steps pls

  185. Kanmani Says:

    Can u please upload neeya naana.

  186. nirmala Says:

    plz upload the challenge wit simbhu program……. we like it very much…. we want to see it again so plz upload challenge wit simbhu show……….
    thank you….

  187. Rachel Says:

    can you please be kind enough to check the Kanakanum Kaalangal and
    Jodi No 1, coz i can’t view both of it over all i can’t veiw none :( so sad :(

    i mean when i click on one of the TV program so called
    “Kanakanum Kaalangal” OR “Jodi No 1″
    It say “Error404 – Not Found”.. HOPE YOU WOULD SEE TO IT ASAP…;)
    can you please upload all the episode of these TV programes, Kanakanum Kaalangal and jodi No 1…

    THANK YOU…:)

  188. amanitham Says:

    can you please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! upload sai baba serial


  189. shezrin Says:

    tanx very much upload kana kanum kaalangal serial…. i reallyyyy like tat serial.

  190. Rachel Says:

    thank you soo much 4 uploading dese serials…

  191. kiru Says:

    Can u please update airtel super singer november 10,11,and 12

  192. admin Says:

    hi kiru plz check vijay tv programs in http://blog.isaitamil.net

  193. julievanitha Says:

    hello isai

    What happen can’t view any programmes, from any channels for the past 2 days, What happened, plsssssssssss,anyone help me,is it only for me or is for everyone pls let me know.


  194. sahana Says:

    Hi can you please upload the AIRTEL SUPERSINGER nov episode
    thank you

  195. keerthi Says:

    Hi. The programms are very nice. Especially “Neeya Naana” is very excellent and charming.

  196. Keshi Says:

    Hello isai,

    please upload new episode Neeya Naana.

  197. Kanmani Says:

    can u please upload neeya naana program.

  198. sekar Says:

    include NEEYA NANAA programme,from Vijay tv

  199. Vishwa Says:


    I’m really proud about your service and it helps lot of people in Many Ways. By the way i have a request. I Will appreciate if you could update the Sai Baba Program in Vijay TV will enable lot of Sai followers.

    Please kindly do update the Sai Baba Program every week.
    Thanks and wishing you a very happy new year 2009!

  200. sobi Says:

    Kaadhalikka Neramillai is one of the best serial. can u pls update this everyday. thank u

  201. sobi Says:

    Kaadhalikka Neramillai is one of the best serial. can u pls update this everyday. thank u. don’t miss this serial once.

  202. Kanmani Says:

    Can u please update madurai serial.its very intersting now a days.

  203. Ram Says:

    Please upload namma veetu kalyanam. Thanks,


  204. merlin rosy Says:


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  206. shasha Says:

    Hai sir

    can u plz upload the epsiodes of samyal samayal kitchen kilaadiykal and also samyal neram . its one of a good cooking programme.
    All the best wishes for sun tv and this website is the best of all i ever seen.

  207. imthiyas Says:

    hello friends
    can u update neeya nana latest weeks

  208. Lakshmi Says:

    Hello friends
    can u update aditiya channels programme like siripu matum

  209. sowmy Says:

    superb programme.

  210. pm.ramachandran. Says:

    vijay-tv-programs,your medias are only supporting ladyies(women& girls)
    tv shows are more.try to do some other programs.I like achi TAMIL PEACHI ENGAL MUCHI
    its too good keep the level high for TAMIL LAUNGUE always. try to support mens programs too.

  211. SRINIVASAN Says:


  212. arunkumar Says:

    HI……………u r doing very good job yaar………can u please update boys vs girls reality shows………

  213. sursuj Says:

    pls can u upload the shows happened after airtel super singer final episode…ASS would have showed the funniest takes shot in the whole shows…can u upload that pls…

  214. nick Says:

    can guys post the vijay tv awards 2009


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    thank uuuuu for you for ur on time uploading.
    pl upload the all prog in vijay tv.

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    i missed that..

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  218. nmskumaren Says:

    amma bhagawan saranam,
    pls upload saturday program “anukraga deeksa”, am in usa but not show that programe. pls add this programe. thas for ua visisters and bhagawan devotees.
    from nmskumaren

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    pl why u not upload on BHATHI THIRUVIZHA please do it

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    sai baba the one of the most criminal

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