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391 Responses to “Sun Tv Serials”

  1. victor Says:


  2. victor Says:

    I like to watch sun tv

  3. nan Says:

    your old web page design was very nice and easy to handle. The new one is very complicated than the previous one

  4. york Says:


  5. Srikanth Says:

    Thanks lot dear..

  6. jennifer Says:

    hay can u pls post the new movies bheema

  7. york Says:

  8. Reva Says:

    Thanks for the Sun TV Program, I love to watch PVPV & Lakshmi.
    and can you please put some old movies for us

  9. lexy Says:


  10. kritikha Says:

    hi new video is not good the voice goes in fast faword pls chk all serials are like that

  11. sumi Says:

    Thanks but sometimes not available why?

  12. d Says:

    i like the new look but i would like to see the dates as list instead of pages.

  13. Leisha Says:

    The old version of picture and audio quality was good.The new mediaplayer is slow to download and absolute no audio when we try to watch suntv serials. But picture quality is very good. We appreciate if you can get this resolved asap.

  14. asha Says:


    thanks for this service, i appreciate it.
    can u upload “kathalika Nerimmalai” from Vijay TV, the last one you have is Episode 21, and there is no additions for past two weeks.

    Thanks once again

  15. iamsmart Says:


  16. DjShan Says:

    naa guys the new version is better admin please don;t chnge it the wuality it prefct and please leave this

  17. Giri Says:

    Video will be added shortly is a mis-leading message?

  18. Monisha Says:

    Why KanaKaanum Kalangal is not coming so quickly like Lakshmi and Kolanga ? I like so much KakaKaanum Kalangal!!!

  19. karthi Says:

    can u upload “kathalika Nerimmalai” from Vijay TV, the last one you have is Episode 21, and there is no additions for past two weeks

  20. rose Says:


  21. sugumaran Says:

    Good job. Thanks for uploading Sun TV serials.

  22. knagaraj Says:

    Hi,All the programmes are working !Keep it up guys!!!!!!!!

  23. knagaraj Says:

    Hi,All the programmes are working in good condition!Keep it up guys!!!!!!!!

  24. Rojapoo Says:

    no videos for 1/2/08??? any problems??
    when are u likely to upload??? good luck and thanks

  25. Malathi Says:

    Good job!!!Thank you for your service…

  26. farooque Says:

    Thanks for the services. We really enjoy the sun tv serials. Thank u again

  27. Rojapoo Says:

    U guys rock!!! Today was excellent. All the serials uploaded and both the video and audio are good. Thanks a lot guys.
    Appreciate all your efforts whole heartedly. Thanks once again for your
    excellent service – Roja

  28. Rojapoo Says:

    Once again my sincere thanks, guys. The
    whole of this week u guys were so prompt in uploading and the video quality is excellent. Appreciate your service and
    good luck for all your efforts.

  29. Rojapoo Says:

    No new uploads??? waiting for the 15th Feb episodes of Sun serials!!!

  30. isai Says:

    videos will be online shortly

  31. Rojapoo Says:

    no videos for 19th as yet??? u guys
    are normally very fast!!!

  32. rajaram Says:

    where do you want me to use the tags? which tag can i use and where is the tag here?

    still i am unable to see your serials in full screen mode.

    need your realistic answer for help so that i can use your serials



  33. bhagi Says:

    why feb 19 2008 suntv serial is not uploaded yet?


  34. ramya Says:

    y suntv serials are not yet uploaded.
    when wil u upload

  35. mina Says:

    pls can u upload Rajarajeswari yesterdays pls….

  36. Unknown Says:

    Please upload Raja rajeswari sun tv serial of Tuesday Feb 19th 2007

  37. Sudha Says:

    It is sad that from a State ( Tamil Nadu) that is culturally so rich, entertainment means telecast of serials which is full of revenge and enemity. We need to express love towards all and bring in more shows that make a family and not break a family. It has to be realized that nothing good is being done to raise and nurture children into being good human being. It makes my heart cry to see this plight of such a culturally rich land. There is special relationship that an indian woman shares with her husband and his family. Most of them talk about a man marrying twice, mother-inlaw illtreating her daughter-inlaw or daughter-inlaw not respecting her husband or his family. What a kind of lesson is this to the current generation getting married. Our nation had the least rate of divorce but with modernization this rate has increased for no good reason. Leave me and I can talk hours about this. Entertainment can be of a better form. People can adapt themselves into enjoying any form of entertainment. It is easy to say it just money making technique but the hard truth is that some people try to incorporate reel life into their reel life in a negative way which is why we hear more dowry cases and divorce cases. Please for heaven’s sake try to think this over and re-write the script making it more relaxing.

  38. Sudha Says:

    A correction in my previous posting..”reel life into real life”

  39. Rojapoo Says:

    Thanks a lot for yesterday`s videos.
    Is it likely to be delayed today also??
    can u give us an approximate idea about the time?? thanks in advance

  40. Rojapoo Says:

    Yesterday`s videos were good, thanks a
    lot. The updates for 21st – when are they
    likely to be online?? approximately?
    thanks in advance.

  41. Rojapoo Says:

    Delayed today as well?? Thanks a lot
    for the videos of 21st. Audio and video
    were good. Appreciate your service guys.
    great going.

  42. Rojapoo Says:

    When will the videos get posted???
    Not that I want to bug, but one whole
    load of people are waiting for updates.
    thanks and regards

  43. Rojapoo Says:

    u guys got stuck??? after TS, there is
    no posting?? for a long time???

  44. isai Says:

    sorry for the delay becoz it takes time uploading in the direct link mediaplayer stream server we r posting the serials late, hope we shud be sorting this problem in few days.

  45. Devi Says:

    i like the new look but i would like to see the dates as list instead of page.

  46. Rojapoo Says:

    Oh no, u do not have to apologize – u
    guys are doing a service and I am grateful for that. Just wanted to know
    about the delay, that is all.

  47. P. Ramadass Says:

    Hello Isaigtamil ur posting is very good, Why ur not posting the Medical hints (i.e. Mon & Wed morning) it will be helpful to aged/diseased person, the same way Sukisivam speech. Isasi, you can delete advertisement while posting like Mega Tamil posts.

    Thanking you

  48. Rojapoo Says:

    Vasantham episode 124/Thursday is not
    there!!!! and about the Friday updates -
    when are u likely to upload??? getting unusually delayed??!!! any problems????

  49. prema Says:

    Very interesting site

  50. prema Says:

    Its great to watch the serial ARASEE – my fav.

    Can you please let me know the real name of the character Nalla Thamby in ARASEE. Good actor as a villan.

  51. prema Says:


    Can Isai please answer my previous question??

    Also I want to know who acts as Ganges (Ganga) in ARASEE??

    Respond plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  52. isai Says:

    hello prema the the person who is acting as nallathambi is son of the producer panchu arunachalam. he is the one who dubbed for suman in sivaji movie. the person who is acting as ganga in arasee is actor prithiviraj, the guy who had argument with simbu in jodi no 1 season 2.

  53. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Gud morning and thank you very much for your prompt info.

    You still didn’t give me the actual name of Nalla Thambi. Its Ok anyway.

    Thanks again for all the updation. Keep it up and cheers.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. JAZZ Says:

    Hi Hello All

    Nice to know the identy of Arasee’s team. Was watching the serial without knowing who is who.


  55. JAZZ Says:


    Is it possible to give any contact (tel or email ID) of actor Prithivaraj in Arasee (ganga)

    want to say hello to him for his fantastic contribution as a LADY.

    thanks a lot

  56. Rojapoo Says:

    Thanks guys. You have been uploading
    real fast for the past 3 days. Video and
    audio quality is also excellent. Great
    job guys. really appreciate your service.Thanks once again

  57. Reva Says:

    Thanks for the Sun TV Program, I love to watch PVPV & Lakshmi.
    and Please update the PVPV & Lakshmi

  58. priya Says:

    Hi isai,
    Why serials have not been up loaded yet? For the past 2 days i was glad that they were uploaded early but what happened today?please maintain consistency in the uploading timings.

  59. Rojapoo Says:

    delayed today????

  60. arti Says:

    hi isai,
    why anjali serial on 7 th is not yet uploaded, plz upload it.

  61. Rojapoo Says:

    Kasthuri also is not there??? any problems?? are u likely to get he videos??? Thanks in advance

  62. noori Says:

    very good website isaitamil.daily updating.

  63. prema Says:

    Hi Morning Isai

    Your presentation of the serials are superb and going good.

    I never get a chance to miss them out. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. prema Says:


    Its real great to see ARASEE on the throne – to become the DGP on 07th March 08 episode.

    But I still like the character of daughter Selvi – soft but strong.

    Brilliant actress she is – RADHIKA

  65. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Can you please ask SUN TV to telecast some old movies (black & white) of MGR & Jeyalalitha / Sarojadevi on Fridays / Saturdays – weekend in UAE)

    Would be nice to watch them for a change.


  66. Rojapoo Says:

    Hi Isai, good morning. When are u likely
    to upload 10th March serials??? Hope they
    will be up soon. Thanks in advance.

  67. suria26 Says:

    hai isai thanks for updating us the serials and shows. is it possible for to update simran thirai’s serial from jaya tv? i heard its very nice. plz try to update couse in my country we dont have jayatv plzz.

  68. Mac Says:

    Hi ,

    I wish you could update Simran’s Thirai. I would like to watch it as well.

  69. Rojapoo Says:

    good morning guys – missed u!!! yr
    site was down for a while??? good to see
    u back. waiting for the uploads, as usual
    and thanks in advance

  70. Rojapoo Says:

    when will you upload the videos for
    11th??? unusual delay??? thanks.

  71. arti Says:

    hi isai,

    what happen to anjali serial.
    upload it quickly .

  72. arti Says:


    plz upload anjali.
    tel whether u upload or not.

  73. isai Says:

    hello arti becoz our server was down yesterday for sometime anjali and kaloori kaalam hv not been recorded. regular updates will be done normally from today. hope u understand

  74. joe Says:

    Hi Thanks a lot for uploading SUN TV Serials, I have become a regular customer to watch the serials from Rwanda. You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up.

  75. Thenmozhi Says:

    update kaloori kalam serial regularly . dated on 11th and 12th march

  76. Rojapoo Says:

    Hi, will u upload videos sooner today?
    than yesterday??? thanks.

  77. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Thanks for the regular upload of the serials especially ARASEE. Great to watch without missing.

    Good Work!!!

  78. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    You didn’t answer to my comment of 10th March 2008.

    Please do if you can.

  79. isai Says:

    hello prema u can watch old movies from K TV.

  80. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Thank you very much for your response.

    Let me see if KTV telecasts Old tamil movies.


  81. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    The grand entry of Viswanathan (Ajay Rathnam)in ARASEE on 18.03.2008 as the ultimate villan was just superb and it was expected too.

    Please don’t make him eliminate Nalla Thambi( Subbu )- he is my fav. in the serial.

    Bravo Radhika for your excellent work. Cheers!!

  82. prema Says:

    Its very sad to know about the demise of Rughuvaran – famous Tamil/Malayalam actor

  83. BustaRhymz Says:

    u r so gay it takez u this long

  84. pavithira Says:

    pls upload today episode

  85. nivya Says:

    i love sun tv to see

  86. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Plzzz upload ARASEE of 26.03.2008 NOW!!!!!

    Can’t wait to watch the episode.

    Thanks very much

  87. prema Says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Isai

    Am still waiting for 26.02.2008′s ARASEE episode.

    Plz Plzzzzzz upload now.


  88. prema Says:


    Your quick response is appreciated.

    Thanks Isai.

  89. Rojapoo Says:

    Thanks a lot for all the uploads Isai.
    Can u pls upload vasantham and Athipookal
    - 27th March?? thanks in advance.

  90. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    How can I watch arasi serial of 26.03.2008


  91. Rojapoo Says:

    will u be uploading 28th serials???
    and the missed out serials of 27th??
    thanks a lot in advance

  92. Rojapoo Says:

    Hellooo, any body home??

  93. isai Says:

    yes yes jus came home madam lol, serials will be updated shortly….

  94. Rojapoo Says:

    Thank u – appreciate all your efforts.

  95. Vishwesh Says:

    You have been doing a great job..When do you think you will upload thirumathi selvam for 27 and 28th?

    Thanks a lot in advance

  96. Rojapoo Says:

    Hey guys, can u please post the morning
    serials for 27th and 28th of March???
    any problems?? can u do it some time today?? thanks in advance

  97. ak Says:

    hi anna,
    plz upload Suryavamsam, Thirumathi Selvam & Athipooal for these days(27th & 28th). Check for the video & the sound. The voice goes faster thanthe video in all serials. Other than that all are good. I love watching Isaitamil. Thanks.

  98. jiji Says:

    Hi isai,
    anna upload Thirumathi selvam serial 27th and 28th..as soon as possible.

  99. Malathy Says:

    March 31, 2008
    Thank you very much for your website. we can view the serials on time.
    Pls upload the 27th and 28th Vasantham, Bandam, and thirumathy selvam as soon as posible.
    Again thank you very much

  100. Malathy Says:

  101. Rojapoo Says:

    so very unlike u!!! any problems?? can
    u tell us about the missing morning serials?? and about the upload for 31st??
    thanks a lot in advance

  102. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Please upload Arasee of 31.03.2008 now.

    thanks so much in adv.

  103. Rojapoo Says:

    hellooo again, any body home???

  104. Rojapoo Says:

    will u be uploading the morning serials
    this week?? it is ok to miss the last week`s uploads – the story wont move much in just 2 days anyways!!! a reply will be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks in advance

  105. knagaraj Says:

    Dear IsaiPriyan sir, why the delay in uploading the chellamadi nee enakku? serial?Please do the needful priyan.My best wishes to your effort.VANAKKAM.

  106. knagaraj Says:

    Dear IsaiPriyan sir, why the delay in uploading the chellamadi nee enakku? serial?Please do the needful priyan.My best wishes for your effort.VANAKKAM.

  107. asha Says:


    we are waiting for kathalika neramillai this week to be uploaded, kindly do so.

    also need after 27th for bhandam thirumathi selvam, suryavamsam and vasantham.

    thank you for the service.


  108. Rojapoo Says:

    Hi, well, it is obvious that u guys have some problem. Athipookal of 27th – can not download or watch!!! Ok, how about uploading this week`s episodes and then
    do the back lag one by one??? Your service is greatly appreciated and if u
    are kind enough to reply my message, I shall be grateful. Thanks in anticipation.

  109. isai Says:

    hello rojapoo madam athipookal 2th march episode u hv got 2 links to download u can use that to download, dont worry from today everything shud be back to normal

  110. jiji Says:


    Your quick response is appreciated.

    Thanks Isai.

  111. Rojapoo Says:

    Thank u – I could see 27th Athipookal.
    And will u catching up on all the back logs soon??? thanks once again.

  112. Sudha Says:

    Where is apr 1st suntv serials

  113. Kans USA Says:

    Please update suntv serials.ASP.

  114. kkkfan Says:

    hi isai…………… is there any problem with telecasting.. wen i tried to play TUV it suddenly gets stopped…. so i could not watch d sun , vijay live…….. how to resolve thz problem……. ? hope u replied for thz mail isai……… bye

  115. kkkfan Says:

    hi isai. y u still not updating suryavamsam serial pa.plz isai upload tat…… plz pa

  116. kkkfan Says:

    plz reply me……..

  117. BustaRhymz Says:


  118. jiji Says:

    Hai,isaiprian anna,

    you are doing good job.We are appreciating!!!!

    can u pls upload ippadikku rose show in vijay tv…

  119. Sulan Says:

    Why is it taking for ever to load i want to watch arasi isai?

  120. jiji Says:

    Hai,isaiprian anna,

    you are doing good job.We are appreciating!!!!

    can u pls upload Thirumathi selvam….dont forget anna.

  121. jiji Says:


    anna past episodes kalaka povadhu yaru programmuku sound varala.pls check the sound system.

  122. Rojapoo Says:

    hellooo, any body home??/

  123. jiji UK Says:


    today holiday or working day.pls upload all friday serials and saturday programmes.today

    holiday or working day.

  124. Rojapoo Says:

    Please can u upload all the morning serials at one go by today so that the next week can be smooth sailing??? thanks in advance

  125. Rojapoo Says:

    No plans of uploading the morning serials of 4th April?? pls can u guys do it soon?? thanks in advance

  126. Rojapoo Says:

    Have to update Magal, Vasantham and Athipookkal!!! I am still waiting for u
    upload Friday episodes – will u be doing it any time soon?? Thanks u

  127. jiji Says:


    hey ennapa enna achu,are you there,pls upload friday serials Thirumathi selvam sereial.

  128. Rojapoo Says:

    thanks isaitamil. U guys rock.

  129. jiji Says:


    Excuse me,are you in usa.bcoz of time lagging.

  130. Rojapoo Says:

    hello, when will u upload the other serials??? Thanks in advance

  131. jiji Says:


    pls upload 7-4-08 mornig serials.Thirumathi selvam.why you forgot these.thanks in advance.

  132. Rojapoo Says:

    Thanks guys for the prompt uploads.
    Appreciate your services greatly.

  133. Padma Says:

    Where is Kasturi of 8th April

  134. jiji Says:


    pls upload 8-4-08 mornig serials.Thirumathi selvam.why you forgot these.thanks in advance.

  135. Nathan Says:

    so sad sia arasi hubby die….. sommemore she kena malign for it….. anyway hope the drama developes further…. it was getting boring but now it is on its feet again

  136. Nathan Says:

    hey jiji…. this guy here is doing us a favour by bringing us the shows way before it comes to the t.v’s…. so id rather u appreciate it than demand something more….

  137. Nathan Says:

    sudha…. like duh…. life is full of shit…. so yeah deal with it…. anyway not many people watch shows which r too lovey dovey…… the market want a profit so they will make these shows till it is appealing…. so yeah…. if ya are sad there r no lovey dovey shows…. deal with it…. haha

    anyway thanks isai for all the rather fast shows…. thanks again :)

  138. Rojapoo Says:

    Guys. waiting for the rest to be uploaded. Thanks in advance. Your videos
    are excellent these days – quality wise,
    speed wise – thanks guys.

  139. jiji Says:


    pls upload 9-4-08 mornig serials.Thirumathi selvam.why you forgot these.thanks in advance.
    Your videos
    are excellent these days – quality wise,
    speed wise – thanks guys.

  140. santha Says:


    pls upload balance episodes of suryavamsam.thanks

  141. prema Says:

    Hi Radhika (Arasee)

    Why is the serial on a slow pace now. Kathikeyan is gone for good – so you speed up please.

    where is Nalla Thambi??? Still in hiding???

  142. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Kudoos for all your regular updates.

    Keep it up. Am happy to be a part of your regular viewer.

  143. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Serial Arasee is going on well now – at least faster.

    what is Vishawanathan(Ajay Rathnam) upto and who is he actually favouring – Nalla Thambi(Subbu) OR Geejay(Gopi Aravind)

    The threesome are making the serial very interesting.

  144. prema Says:

    The serial Thiruvilaiyadal is telecasted in place of Megala – and when is Megala shown.

    May I know the person announcing / advertising Thiruvilaiyadal – please.


  145. prema Says:

    HI Isai

    will you please answer me????

  146. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Could you please request SUN TV to telecast MEGALA at 7.30pm (UAE time) and KOLANGAL at a earlier time.

    KOLANGAL seems to be a never ending and somewhat boring serial.

    Sorry Sir Thiruselvam!!!!!!!!!! Pls. stop copying scenes from other telecasts.

  147. isai fan Says:

    hi isai…………
    for d past 2 days i could c only kalanger tv.. not sun tv……..
    can u plz tel me why its happening like tat……. is tat any prob in telecasting sun tv……. please reply me isai……

  148. isai fan Says:

    isai plz reply me ………… i cant wait without sun tv……. that 2 today most prog are there.. plz isai. reply me. i`m waiting for ur reply……….

  149. isai fan Says:

    y isai………unga reply ku wait panren. yethavathu sonna kuda nan wait panuven ila. if u keeps silence na wat to do isai… plz pa……

  150. isai Says:

    hello isaifan first read the post in below link


  151. isai fan Says:

    thanks a lot isai……….. u doing a good job…… really great ……. sorry if i said anythin wrong…..

  152. isai fan Says:

    hi isai,
    every morning i can c only kalanger tv not suntv. neenga appadithan telecast panringala isai. cos i missed bandham,suriyavamsam n all morning serials everyday. thats y 1m asking.even i tried the d link you had given. but its too telecasting kalanger tv. so please isai telecast suntv pa

  153. Laranya Says:

    Dear sir,

    Millions of thanks for your service on uploading the serials.
    I would be really thankful if you could upload all the morning
    serials.Please don’t mistake me for demanding,it’s my humble request.Thanks again.

  154. isai fan Says:

    we can c all the sun tv serials only in uploaded suntv serials not live….. hey guys do u ve that prob. wat i ve? i can c only kalanger tv… not sun tv…

  155. isai fan Says:

    ponga isai…. everry time i opened isai tamil ….. but ippa yellam i got only kalanger tv in sut tv. i dont no thz prob is for me r everyone…. ithe solve panna mudiyatha isai

  156. thirosha Says:

    many many thanks for your service.
    i would be really thankful if u upload anjali serial.

  157. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Is Arasee serial coming to an end??? and when??

    What is Radhika’s next venture?? Can you inform pls!!!!

  158. isai fan Says:

    hi isai….. plz tel something. `m in US, i got only kalanger tv in the morning instead of suntv…… so i missed all d serials live. i dont no whether ths problem is only for me r not….please telecast suntv….. i dont like kalanger tv..cos suntv is an only entertainment for me. so reply something… silent ah irukathnga isai. please… please..

  159. Ram Says:

    I was trying to download Anandam of 09-05-08 but the code that is to be entered in the downlaod site is
    mississing, could you please fix this


  160. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Where has Radhika packed Nalla Thambi. Not to be seen in the serials.

    When will he reappear again.

  161. prema Says:

    Helloo Isai

    Please find time to answer my queries!!

    You seldom do that. Why??

  162. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Whats happening to serial Kolangal.

    It’s really getting on my nerves.

    Thiruselvam should do something about it very fast.

  163. prema Says:

    Hi Subbu (Nalla Thambi !!!)

    You are supposed to be a 30 year old in the serial Arasee!!

    Then why dress up like a teen ager.

    Grow up please !!!!!!!!!

  164. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Why is it we are unable to download ARASEE of pervious dates????

    Isai plz. do something!!!



  165. sunny Says:

    Hi Isai,
    Why the aanandham has not been updated….? Is there any problem.

    please kindly notify..


  166. kareena Says:

    i love the new serial bhuvaneshwari!!
    its very nice and i like suryavamsam too,but the best serieal was/is/will be ramayanam gurmeet chaudary is sooooooooooo sweet

  167. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Ganga (Ganges) in Arasee just disappeared from the serial. Why Radhika???

    Her appearance was quite interesting along with Nalla Thambi. Both make a naughty pair.

  168. seemesh Says:

    Hello isai

    thanks a lot isai……….. good job…… really great but how about Thirumathi Selvam and atippokal and bhuvaneshwari !!!!….pls…pls upload today i can’t wait…..

    thank you…..

  169. isai fan Says:

    hello isai,

    when will the tamil serials for today 2nd june 2008 be posted? eagerly awaiting :)

  170. Rojapoo Says:

    enna ithu?? athisayama irukku?? Monday
    serials innum upload pannalai?? Isai, are
    u ok?? every thing is fine with you??
    pls do let us know that all is fine with you – upload late aana , it is ok – Love Roja

  171. Prema Says:

    Good Work NALLA THAMBI

    Your “come back” is really excellent and superb.

    Keep it up and cheers!!!

  172. Rojapoo Says:

    Roja waiting for Magal upload – Isai,
    any body home???

  173. AnithaSenthilKumar Says:

    Hello Isaitamil,

    past two days y u r not updating serials like Thirumathi Selvam, Athipookal as properly. y too much of delay to update the serials.

    Try to update as properly.

  174. isai Says:

    hello anitha we are stuck with our personal works and couldnt spend much time in the updating serials, we will try our best to update all serials as soon as possible. hope u understand.

  175. Rojapoo Says:

    Isai romba busy aa??? no one to help you??? You are doing a great service -
    take your time – nothing will be lost -
    all these serials are moving in snail speed only – Sun TV should be thankful
    to you for keeping the interest alive. Relax and let me know if I can help u in anyway,ok?? Love Roja

  176. jeeva Says:

    I want to c all episodes of selvi serial.Plz give me the link.

  177. seemesh Says:

    Dear Isai….the episod T.selvam from 29 may to 4 jun 2008 ….i cannot download or see online….can u look in it…cos i miss all the episod…i were on traning. pls pls upload, tq

  178. Prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Its nice that Arasee serial is going on top speed… very Interesting……

    Also thanks to SUN TV for telecasting movies 5 days a week. Great work SUN TV

  179. seemesh Says:

    Dear Isai…

    Why no update for Thirumathi Selvam for 9th june 2008…pls…pls update…its going vry hot, i can’t wait to see….

  180. seemesh Says:

    hello isai…what happen no update for T.selvam…for 9 jun 08….?

  181. Rojapoo Says:

    Isai, buffering is really killing!!!
    Not sure if this is just for me – some special treat for Roja!!! – or all go through this??!! please please can u help???

  182. Prema Says:


    Buffering was a problem, but now its OK.

    Cheers ISAI for the good work you are extending!!!!

  183. kumar Says:


    12_06_08 megala serial please…


  184. rajoo Says:

    pls upload the series of kasturi and thirumathi selvam dated on 12/06/08.Thks

  185. rajoo Says:

    can u pls cancle the pop-up from all the serials

  186. seemesh Says:


    16_06_08 T.selvam,Kasturi & Atipookal serial please……


  187. Shaila Says:


    Would like to know what new serials are running now after the serial Suryavamsam and Lakshmi.


  188. isai Says:

    hello shaila suryavamsam is replaced with manikoondu and lakshmi is replaced with sivasakthi

  189. Prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    When is ARASEE coming to an end??

    Will it be continued by Radhika’s new venture????

    Plzzz let me know

  190. Benedict Joshua Says:

    Thank you for your sun tv and vijay tv serials

  191. kssnathan Says:

    we thank U for the Sun TV serials


  192. Alice Says:


  193. seemesh Says:


    ….Why…on updates for 25 Jun 08….for all the serial….? u ppl doing a gread job…tumbs Up…

  194. ramanse Says:


    Hi, today (27.6.08)you have uploaded the video of Sivasakthi instead of Vasantham. Can you please upload the video of vasantham? Thanks.

  195. p.r.subumani Says:

    you are doing a good job for people of south india. keep it up.you are introducing sun tv again. appreaciatable.
    why dont you start relaying episode from hindi,after translating them in tamil,telugu, try yypur best,once againnwith good will .thank you. p,r.subramanian.

  196. Shangay Says:

    Thanks a lot for your service
    Everyone is getting benefitted coz of you. May all your wishes come true.
    All the very best

  197. JAZZ Says:

    Dear Isaitamil

    Please let me know if Nalla Thambi (Subbu Arunachalam) in ARASEE serial is Panchu Subbu the dance master of the movie “Vedukathai”.

    Please spare a few minutes to answer me ISAI anna.


  198. JAZZ Says:

    Heellooo Isai

    Please answer my previous question now


  199. isai Says:

    hello jazz Nalla thambi is panchu subbu son of panchu arunachalam, iam not sure if he is the dancemaster for vedukathai movie.

  200. JAZZ Says:

    Thank you so very much ISAI

  201. Deepa Says:

    Athipookal serial has been uploaded in Megala serial’s link for today (July 14th 2008.) Kindly upload Megala serial for today.

  202. Nagi Narayanan Says:

    Please can you upload Simran Thirai
    “Nava Velli” of Jaya TV for 10th July.
    After 8th July it has jumped to 11th July.
    Please can you upload daily ??
    Thank you.
    Nagi Narayanan.

  203. UmaAshok Says:

    Wht hpnd, todays seriel hv not been updated still? Eagerly waiting, pls do it soon guys!!!!

  204. UmaAshok Says:

    Isai, Wht hpnd, KANA KAANUM KALANGAL – Vijay TV is still not updated frm this week monday onwards. Any probs?

  205. chandran Says:

    what happen to your web cant view any serial i m from singapore showing connection problem pls help

  206. Mythilirengarajan Says:

    Now , from 14th onwards I cannot open the TV serial Kasturi, Megala and others. thank u.It is appear as connection proplem. Please do need full. Our (entertainment.sr. citizen )this only

  207. pavithira Says:

    Can you pls do something to the videos.It is not buffering

    Thank you

  208. Prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    What is happening. Can’t watch the serial Arasee for some time now.

    Can you do something very fast plzz.


  209. UmaAshok Says:

    Isai Anna,Wht hpnd! todays seriel hv not been updated still? Eagerly waiting, pls do it soon!!!!

  210. Preethy Says:

    Hi Isai,
    y the serials are not loaded yet….upload it sooooooo:)n

  211. p.r.subumani Says:

    hi your sun news broadcasting is much useful. we also expecting the turn out at parliment..we feel like in india. thank you very much. P/R/SUBRAMANIAN,

  212. p.r.subumani Says:


  213. preethy Says:

    Hi Isai,
    Thanks for todays updates and moreover where is todays episode of “MEGALA”….


  214. Prema Says:


    Where is Ganges in ARASEE. We do miss her(him)

  215. Preethy Says:

    Hi Isai,
    Why the serials are geting delayed to load today.upload it soon.vry eager to watch):


  216. Prema Says:

    NT has started his villaneous works again, this time without Vishwanathan and is not going to succeed.

    Sure the serial is coming to an end soon

  217. sonia Says:

    please update thrimuthi selvam .thanks

  218. sonia Says:

    please update fully Thirumathi Selvam,vasantham and Challamadi-Nee-Enaku.Thanks anyway.Pls,reply to my e-mail address after you got the massage.

  219. jothi Says:

    when i landed in us i was scared ill be boring here. but because of yr telecasting the sun tv serials thro pc I am totally very happy as if i were in chennai.
    I like yr speedy work and attn to our wishes.
    keep it up and thank you once again

  220. prakash Says:

    you did not add the new episode of siva sakthi u added a older one for

  221. Shangay Says:

    Kindly upload Chellamadi nee enaku today’s august 7th episode. Thanks for ur service

  222. shan Says:

    Dear Admin,

    Pls rectify the ticking sound from your website. It’s happening every time I tried to watch serials.It’s quite irritating.
    Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

    Thank you

  223. seemesh Says:


    why ha no update for all the serial on 15 August 2008. If there is pls pls update. tq

  224. JAZZ Says:

    Hi isai Tamil

    Is it posible to get me email IDs of Panchu Subbu and Radhika of Arasee serial.

    would be thankful


  225. JAZZ Says:

    Hi Isai

    Why can’t you answer my previous question if its posible.


  226. JAZZ Says:

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Isaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Are you sooooooooooooo busy you can’t answer my previous request. Whyyyyyyyyyy soooooooooooo


  227. Seetha Says:

    Hai isai…

    U guys…doing a good job. But just want to find out why no updates for bhuvaneswari…since 1st Sept 08. I love to watch the serial…its vry good one. Pls let me know. Tq


  228. isai Says:

    hello seetha bhuvaneswari is stopped and not telecasted anymore.

  229. seetha Says:

    Hai Isai…

    Why ? Why ? bhuvaneswari is stopped and not telecasted anymore?


  230. JAZZ Says:

    Hi Isai

    You are doing a great job which makes ua all happy.

    But why not reply our requests.

    do that please


  231. Jazz Says:

    Hi Isai

    Am still very much waiting for the email IDs of subbu abd radhika(Nalla Thambi and Arasee)

    Pls send

  232. lalli Says:

    kalasam serials are too late???

  233. Suguna.B Says:


  234. Ramya Says:

    how about Malarkal serial???

  235. Harish Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have been missing the past few episodes of Rajarajeswari serial. I will be very thankful is you resume posting the serial.

    Thanks a lot,

    Best Regards,


  236. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    When can we expect Kalaingar TV serials.

    Let us know, please!!!!


  237. prema Says:


    I want to watch ARASEE serial of 09th & 10th Sept. 08.

    How can I


  238. Harish Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am very thankful for update of Rajarajeswari.

    Best Regards,


  239. Selvi Says:


    I undertand there is a new serial, Thirupaavai. How come I dont see that in ur list of suntv serials?

  240. bigzoo Says:

    nice work.. thanks for your sava(service)

  241. seemesh Says:

    Hai Isai,

    Why no updates for Naagavali…..???

  242. valli Says:

    dear isai,
    allthe programmes are good.why the full screen are notprogrammed for29th,30thseptember? as we missed kindly show the full screen


  243. avudaithai Says:

    beautiful ramayanam in sun tv very thankfull to sun tv

  244. Tamilarasu Says:

    Dear Isai,

    Your uptodate telecast of Ramayan is really a work to be applauded. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks to the Serial producer and sun tv for this wonderful serial which teaches us how to conduct ourselves, how to conduct to other living creatures besides teaching us one of the greatest epics in the world.


  245. Guy Says:

    How come metti oli hasn’t been uploaded yet? The one that ran yesterday. Just want to know. I love that serial.

  246. Guy Says:

    I just want to know if you will be uploading it soon. How come you havent updated it already, because all the other serials have been updated. Can u please do it so i can watch it. I love you site by the way

  247. isai Says:

    hi guy t tehre was no telecast of metti oli yeterday and muthu movie was telecasted. metti oil will be telecasted tomorrow.

  248. julievanitha Says:

    hai guys,
    Doing a great job.can u pls help me to find out a serial name iam not quiet sure which t.v is that sun or kalagar t.v. the characters are now who is acting in megala,as boobathy and sakthi. but in this serial they are couples,i really liked when i went to india, can any of u guys help me to find the serial name,nalini is also acted in this serial,plssssssssssssss help me.with lot of thanxs .vanitha.

  249. prema Says:


    thanks again for your regular uploading of all the serials.


  250. Guy Says:

    Do you know wwhy they are re running metti oli again. Is it because i was so popular the first time it ran. Any ways I only saw the first bit the first time it came on. I get to see it again. Thank you for uploading them.

  251. Guy Says:

    What time do you usually put metti oli on the site.

  252. kumar Says:


    I cant see any serial.no play button .please fix this soon


  253. prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    The mega serial ARASEE is my favorite and I do not miss it. But some happenings in the story is unbeleivable – such as – Rudhra – Nalla Thambi’s subordinate was arrested by Arasee and now she is out and free. Nalla Thambi and his notorious gang roam around Chennai as normal citizens – supposed to be hard core BADDIES.

    Radhika Mam and Sir Bala Prasad – please look into this matter as this is not reality.


  254. viji Says:

    hi, cant see any serials no play button can u pls fix it soon

  255. prema Says:


    Can’t watch any serials today.

    what happened????

    do something fas plzzz!!!

  256. isai Says:

    hello prema make sure u have installed latest flash video player in your computer. you can download from http://www.macromedia.com

  257. Sharanya Says:

    Hi julievanitha ,
    That serial is in Kalainjar tv serial name is Dheepangal. Morning 11 am i guess.

  258. prema Says:

    Thank you Isai

  259. JAZZ Says:

    Hello Isai

    I have asked for the email IDs of Radhika and Subbu Arunachalam (of arasee serials) several times.

    Can you please provide and if you cannot, then let me know.

    Just want to congratulate them for their great performance

  260. Prema Says:




  261. JAZZ Says:


    Still awaiting your reply Isaiiiii

  262. Guy Says:

    thank you for uploading videos

  263. vicky Says:


  264. julievanitha Says:

    Dear Sharanya,

    Thanxs a lot, sorry for the late appreciation, just now i saw ur reply ,thanx a lot once again.have a nice day.


  265. Prema Says:

    Hi Viewers

    Season’s Greetings

  266. julievanitha Says:

    hai isai,
    when we are going to view kalangar tv serials pls help us ya, can’t wait anymore.


  267. Prema Says:

    Hi ARASEE Serial Team members

    Wish you all a happy and propserous Deewali

    - Prema

  268. Kanmani Says:

    Thanks for the quick upload.Thanks a lot.

  269. Arunkumar Says:

    update todays kolangal serial fast pls

  270. Ammu Says:

    Athipookal team memebers.
    Your serial is very nice. I like very much the character of Karpagam.

  271. Selvi Says:


    How come there is no updates on Vasantham serial?

  272. Guy Says:

    How come you did not add metti oli yet today. Did it not come on today on sun tv. ??????

  273. Guy Says:

    thank you. Really appreciate that

  274. Guy Says:

    Thank you

  275. Guy Says:

    How come metti oli wast added or uploaded today yet. Did it not go on Sun tv today?

  276. POO Says:


  277. POO Says:


  278. POO Says:


  279. Guy Says:

    How come you did not add metti oli today yet. Can you please upload?

  280. asha Says:


    i like the new look for the site and i dont see much of pop ups inbetween the serials, it is good now. thanks for the change.

    can you upload 31st oct episode for kolangal, i find that 30th and 31st is the same episodes. kindly upload the right one.

    Thanks for the service

  281. Guy Says:

    Can you please add metti oli. You havent uploaded it yet. Can you pleas do the uploading so i can watch it?

  282. Guy Says:

    Can you upload mettii oli the one one that went on today please

  283. Tamil-uk-boy Says:

    hello website owner u always upload late with Vasantham and Thirumathi Selvam the sun tv customer and our also our customer a waiting for it please put the serial on time please dont uplaod late again in future.

    thank you

  284. Guy Says:

    hi can u upload metti oli please.

  285. Guy Says:

    hi how come you have not yet added metti oli
    can you please add it soon
    thank you

  286. Guy Says:

    Can you upload all the serials for today please? Espeacially metti oli

  287. Guy Says:

    Can you upload metti oli please?

  288. Guy Says:

    can you please upload metti oli

  289. Guy Says:

    can you mupload metti oli today please?

  290. Guy Says:

    Can you add metti oli serial today?

  291. Guy Says:

    Can you put up metti oli soon?

  292. Guy Says:

    Can you upload all the serials for today please?

  293. Guy Says:

    Can you put up all the serials for today please?

  294. Guy Says:

    Can you upload metti oli today?

  295. Suresh Says:

    Can you please post the serial Thirumathi Selvam from Sun TV?

  296. Guy Says:

    Can you upload metti li for today?

  297. Guy Says:

    Can you upload metti oli? please

  298. Guy Says:

    Can you upload metti oli for today? please?

  299. Guy Says:

    Can you add metti oli for today? please?

  300. Guy Says:

    Can you put up metti oli and all the serials for today please?

  301. Guy Says:

    Can you upload metti oli and all the serials for today please?

  302. shafeek Says:

    why is there no kolangol arasi 31st please post it in i really want to watch it with my faimly

  303. Victoria Says:


    why i can’t download kasturi serial, there is no download link. can u pls look into it. i really want to watch. please

    thank you.

  304. Bala Siva Says:

    Thanks for the Sun TV Program, I love to Rajarajeswari on tuesdays as its special day for godess thurga. I guess not lot of peple watching it. always some is missing…. could you put December 30 for me.

    I used to watch night serial as well from Mekala to sivasakthi.

    thanks again for your service.

  305. Bala Siva Says:

    I just came to watch Rajarajeswari, thanks a lot for uploading.
    God bless you!

  306. Akkshat Says:

    Thanks for your service.through your service we can know the daily news.god bless you.could you post mangayar ulagam Revathy Shankaran’s progaram daily.

  307. Guy Says:

    Hi can you upload the serials for today and upload metti oli.

  308. Guy Says:

    Can you please put up metti oli and all the serials for today please

  309. Guy Says:

    Canyou upload metti oli for today

  310. Bala, Siva Says:

    Thanks for your service.could you post Rajarajeswari for today

  311. Sarma Says:

    Hi Very Good Side.

  312. Sarma Says:

    Hi Very Good Side.

  313. chandra segaran nair Says:


    Today’s serial(21/01/09)was difficult to open.It was very complicating to get the page open.Please do something about it.


  314. Guy Says:

    can you upload metti oli for today as soon as possible.

  315. tinku Says:

    waiting for todays megala and kasturi..plz do update it

  316. Prema Says:


    Please let me know the Indian time of telecast of Kushboo’s Rudhra in Zee Tamil.



  317. Guy Says:

    Hi can you add metti oli soon? Please.

  318. Guy Says:

    Can you upload metti oli for 06-02-09. How come you did not do it already?

  319. Guy Says:

    how come you did not add metti oli? can you add it please

  320. Guy Says:

    How come you did not add metti oli for 06-02-09. Did it not go on that day? Can you please add it and all the other serials for today also? Thank you

  321. admin Says:

    we r unable to update 6th feb metti oli, we couldnt record due to power failure.

  322. Guy Says:

    Can you add metti oli for today then?

  323. rojapoo Says:

    Hey guys, as usual u guys rock – Thanks a lot. But for u guys, updaters
    like me will go berserk!!! Need a favor – can u guys also give the download link – like before?? a 20 min
    serial takes almost 45 mins to watch
    with the buffering!!! Thanks in advance guys – cheers

  324. Guy Says:

    Can u upload metti oli

  325. rojapoo Says:

    Hey guys, Can u please upload Aaanadam?? All the other serials aired
    after that are uploaded? any problems?? Thanks in advance

  326. Guy Says:

    Can you please add metti oli for today plase?

  327. Bala, Siva Says:


    Can you upload rajarajeswary for today ?


  328. Guy Says:

    can youupload metti oli for today and all the other serials please

  329. Prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Just answer my question….. when is Rudra telecasted in ZEE Tamil.. I mean the time


  330. Jamini Says:

    I like watched Thirumathy Selvam, so everyday update before 6 o’clock. Thanking you.

  331. Guy Says:

    can you uplooad metti oli please

  332. Guy Says:

    can you upload metti oli

  333. Guy Says:


  334. Guy Says:


  335. Bala, Siva Says:

    Thanks for your service.
    could you post Rajarajeswari for today as soon as possible.

  336. Guy Says:

    Can you please upload the full episode of metti oli. The one that you added is onle hlaf of the episode. Can you add the full one please.

  337. Guy Says:

    Can you add the end of this epiosde of metti oli. There is no third part. Please upload it or can you put the download link.

  338. mano Says:


  339. mano Says:

    Please update magal serial

  340. Guy Says:

    can you add the full episode of metti oli for 04.03.09

  341. Guy Says:

    Can you add metti oli for 06.03.09

  342. Guy Says:

    can you put up metti oli

  343. Guy Says:

    Can you put up metti oli for 06.03.09 please.

  344. Bala, Siva Says:

    hi ,
    could you upload rajarajeswary for today ?


  345. Prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    could you please give the proper link for ZEE Tamil


  346. sri Says:

    hii, could u upload velan please

  347. Sugi Says:

    Could you please updare March 19 Megala?

    thank you

  348. Sugi Says:

    March 19th Mehala please

  349. saranya Says:

    good updates

  350. Sugi Says:

    We couldn’t watch March 19 th Mehala. If you could check the 19th and update the right one, we would really appreciate.

    Thank you

  351. Prema Says:

    Hi Isai

    Could you please give the proper link for ZEE Tamil


  352. Bala, Siva Says:

    hi ,
    could you upload rajarajeswary for today ?

    Thank you.

  353. Bala, Siva Says:

    Can you please upload Kalasam serial for friday (april 10, 2009) and today’s Nagavalli.

    Thanks a lot your service.

  354. aditi Says:

    i am not able to watch metti oli. the black screen comes up but nothing appears. what should i do

  355. Guy Says:


    Can you upload metti oli for today please

  356. Guy Says:

    Can you add metti oli for today ASAP please?

  357. Guy Says:

    Can you add metti oli please

  358. Guy Says:

    Can you add metti oli soon please

  359. Guy Says:

    Thank you for uploading the serials

  360. Guy Says:


  361. jay Says:


  362. JENA Says:

    thx for thirumathi selvam and vasantham
    plz amman nadakam podunka

    thx isai

  363. gowry Says:

    please post today serials 18.05.2009

  364. Bala, Siva Says:

    could you upload rajarajeswary for today ?

    Thanks a lot for your service

  365. S.Sita Says:

    I greatly appreciate your service. I am 88 and find it difficult to see programmes on TV when it comes at appointed time specially in the night like Enge Brahmanan,Arase etc. But with this facility I don’t miss any program. I am able to see at any time of my choice.Great boon to old people like me.Thanks to all the people behind this effort

  366. Guy Says:

    Thank you for uploading

  367. Tamilarasi Says:

    so sweet

  368. mu. ku.raj Says:


    புதிய தொடர் உறவுகள் முதல் எபிசொட் காண்பித்தீர்கள் , மற்றவை ஏன் இணைக்க வில்லை ? நல்ல தொடர் , அதையும் இணைக்கவும்.,

    நன்றி ,


  369. admin Says:

    nanbare mu ku raj uruavugal thodar thinasari inaika padukirathu neengal keel kanda link sendral thinasari uravugal updates paarka mudiyum. nandri


  370. Sheela Says:

    Hi Guys,

  371. admin Says:

    sheela tms will be uploaded shortly, vasantham will be updated bit late today sorry for the delay.

  372. helloworld Says:

    Where is 10th june 2009 kalyanam episode.. i see all the serials except kalyanam. Post it plz.

  373. shyamala Says:

    Dear Admin,thank u for telecasting all the sun tv serials but i missed uravugal,how can i see that serial from the begening,awaiting ur reply.
    Thanking you,
    Tv watcher

  374. Bala, Siva Says:

    could you upload Rajarajeswari in oder .. i missed it very much,

    thank you for ur service\

  375. jay Says:

    do you have engiruntho vanthal serial’s last episode

  376. Bala, Siva Says:

    can ypu load on time Rajarajeswari pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  377. rama Says:

    hi, y haven’t u upload rajarajeswari??
    could u plzzzzz

  378. mani Says:

    video all are not so claer

  379. mani Says:

    drama all so boring add some movies

  380. nithya Says:

    wr is the vasantham

  381. kalaivani Says:

    Kolangal is the best drama. go Abby go.
    thanks suntv.from malaysia

  382. Bala, Siva Says:

    I would like to say a big thanks for posting Rajarajeswari on time.

    thank you :-)

  383. ranjith Says:

    SUN TV

  384. alzubaira Says:

    hai sun tv

    i want to know the hollywood film name which is telecast in suntv at june 28,2009.plz tell that film name.the film is by the chick and her mom chick

  385. jenny Says:

    i love uravugal

  386. Bala, Siva Says:

    Hi there,
    i would like to know if you have any prblems to load rajageswary.
    if yu cant post in oder please dont make us to wait this long.

    very bad service

  387. SURESH KUMAR Says:


  388. Mahendran Says:

    Can you post Amutha Mozhigal? Please post it. It has some good informations from both solaman papaya and other person give some good informations.

  389. Veera Says:

    It is sad that Tamil Nadu is mired in serials that lacks quality and mostly stale – opiate for the brainless!

  390. Veera Says:

    I would like to opine (and lament) the appalling story line and plots of the serials that inundates the local tv stations – sorely lacking in creativity or innovation.
    All the backstabbing, gossipy lines, and the jaded line is ‘give me a minute’ and all is nothing but about marriage or family mired in divisive stances. Nothing new – stale as ever!

  391. bobby Says:

    can i get pugundha veedu 7.9.2013 episode
    pls send the link to my email herobobby@gmail.com

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